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    Regardless of age, the request for enrollment into the EDCD waiver originates from four different possible sources: acute care hospitals, nursing facilities, the local department of social services (LDSS) or the local health department (LHD) in the locality where the individual resides. All individuals must be Medicaid eligible and have a Virginia Universal Assessment Instrument (UAI) completed by their local preadmission screening team (which consists of a representative from the LDSS and the LHD) within their community, or by an acute care hospital discharge planner if the individual is hospitalized. There is no cost to be screened to determine eligibility for the EDCD waiver. There may be a patient pay for services based on the individual’s earned and unearned income. The local department of social services eligibility worker will determine if an individual has a patient pay responsibility.

    Individuals receiving waiver services may also be eligible for other supportive Virginia Medicaid services and should contact their local Department of Social Services in their locality to obtain details and assistance.

    Children under the age of 21 may receive services through the Early Periodic Screening, and Diagnosis and Treatment program (EPSDT), click on the link below for more information http://www.dmas.virginia.gov/Content_pgs/mch-home.aspx.


    DMAS’s service authorization contractor performs service authorizations prior to the services being provided. Providers of service may be an agency, adult day health care, partnership, corporation, or association that meets the standards and requirements set forth by DMAS and has a current, signed contract with DMAS to be a provider of waiver services.


    The EDCD Waiver got its start in Virginia in 2005, merging two existing waivers;
    Eligible individuals must meet the nursing facility eligibility criteria;
    EDCD service may be used while on a wait list for other waivers ( one must meet criteria for both waivers); and
    EDCD offers two methods of service delivery 1) agency-directed and 2) consumer-directed


    Adult Day Health Care;
    Medication Monitoring;
    Personal Care Aide Services;
    Respite Care;
    Personal Emergency Response System (PERS);
    Transition Coordination;
    Transition Services;
    Enrollment Flow Chart
    EDCD Waiver Regulations – Effective February 13, 2015

    RESOURCE: http://www.dmas.virginia.gov/Content_pgs/ltc-wvr_edcd.aspx

    March 30th, 2017

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