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  • We are on this world today because of our parents. They show us the lessons of life, to success and to get a well-mannered social image. Kid’s need parents support till they get resolved in their life in all the factors. The same way parents also need service when they become older. And it is children’s obligations to give them a well-mannered retirement life.

    Here are 10 guidelines to make our parents happy during their evenings of life:

    1 – Avoid being alone: Devote some time with parents, communicate to them, keep them engaged in family affairs, get their ideas and work appropriately.

    2 – Nutritional Needs: Their consumption will be less because of poor desire for foods but we have to require them to have well balanced diet regularly.

    3 – Medical Needs: Be careful of their health concerns, physical and mental health. Talk to them if they want any medical support, provide them the required assistance. Risk of drop will always be there because of general weak point and fragile bones. We can prevent this by providing extra service.

    4- Regular Work out: Spare some time specifically for your parents and get them for a morning or evening walk, they will be joyful to spend time with you.

    Angels of VA

    Angels of VA

    5 – Finance : Parents were self-sufficient their whole life to take good care of their own and the family’s economical needs but to meet their old age needs, they should have some insurance plan which make them feel comfortable.

    6 – Never be irritating: At this age group there is a trend to repeat the same task again and again but we must not behave rudely. The children must have tolerance to understand the scenario.

    7 – Pay attention and solve their problems: Children should listen closely to their problems with patience and try to solve them.

    8 – Make them feel special: By enjoying their Birthdays and Marriage anniversary.

    9 – Support them for even small elements: They need help for each and small thing like having a glass of water, studying newspaper for them. Ask them what they want and deliver it.

    10 – Allow grand children to enjoy with them: This is the most effective way to keep them satisfied always. It is like allowing 6 and 60 year old children enjoy together.

    These are the few very simple methods to keep our getting older parents happy so they can live with self-respect and regard.

    March 24th, 2017

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